About Us


Association for the Regional Initiatives Development ARID is a private non-governmental organization oriented on the promotion and development of the idea of lifelong learning. The scope of the Association’s activities covers a variety of topics. The Association specializes in vocational training (VET) but also, in accordance with the idea of lifelong learning, conducts training for adults as well as school education. In the dynamically changing modern World it is necessary to constantly improve your qualifications, develop skills and expand your knowledge. It is also important to face nowadays challenges connected to problems which are appearing every day in the life of all ARID’s target groups. The activities carried out by the Association meet these needs by organizing many different trainings, lectures and courses. The employees and trainers working in the Association are highly qualified staff in terms of both education and professional skills. In addition, Association cooperates with numerous professionals (eg beekeepers, teachers, farmers, agricultural advisers, social workers, animators of the environment protection, etc.) as well as public and private institutions from various branches (eg universities, research institutes, agricultural advisory centers, VET schools of agriculture, etc.).

Over 10 years ARID actively participate in various international schemes, through a well-established network of partners abroad, based on the intense past experience. Association cooperates with more than 50 various international organizations from Europe and also from US and South America.

Association participated in few international multilateral projects. Those projects were realized in the frame of Life Long Learning Programme like Grundtvig Multilateral Project and Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation. Currently, since 2014, Association is working in Erasmus+ Programme. Association is involved in 20 projects in the frame of the Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnerships.

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