About Us


Biognosis is a non-profit organization aiming to foster modern and sustainable development values and practices, enhancing the protection of public health, natural resources, and environment, also supporting the expansion of any relative knowledge and promoting sustainable business practices and solutions.

Our human resources consist of a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, public health specialists, statisticians, ecologists, economists and sociologists. Moreover, we created a large network of partners not only in Greece but also in Member-States of the European Union, & Eastern European Countries.

 Aiming to stimulate the transfer of the technological achievements and research innovations, Biognosis is participating in national and international programs, in different valorization activities, pilot testing of innovative products at regional, national and international level.

Serving its tasks, Biognosis has the capacity to design conduct and support carefully organized clinical studies on novel products and nutritional supplements, pursuing the most contemporary solutions.

 Biognosis promotes personal and professional development, of adults seeking new professional opportunities, by helping them to become more employable providing individually tailored training, employment services and training based on advanced concepts.

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