Intellectual Outputs

Intellectual Outputs

Intellectual output 1

Competence Framework For Entrepreneurial Learning in Rural Context

The key objective of the Intellectual Output 1 is to list and prioritize the key competences VET teachers should possess in order to be able to teach on how to start and implement a company in agriculture, forestry and rural areas.

Intellectual output 2

Training course structure and materials development for 7 learning modules

Τhe main objective of the course is to prepare the participants to professionally lead an entrepreneurship course for VET trainers/ teachers. By the end of the course, participants will have a substantial understanding of tools for facilitating entrepreneurial skills among their future students. They will get teaching guidelines for teaching core entrepreneurial competencies, including business modelling, design thinking, business planning and the use of social media like a necessary tool for entrepreneurship.

Intellectual output 3


Within this IO the partnership will develop an ICT tool in form of multilingual INSTANT ACCESS MOBILE CLASSROOM that will contain 7 short learning modules for innovative VET curricula that will address the most important topics on entrepreneurship education as business modeling, design thinking, business planning or use of ICT tools; and also will focus on pedagogical approach on how Teachers can develop their skills of personalizing learning and making it more engaging and relevant to low-skilled adults from rural areas.

Intellectual output 4

Best Practices Guide on Entrepreneurial Training & Personal Development in Rural Areas

This IO gives examples of possible approaches and methods that can be used in teaching and disseminating entrepreneurship within vocational education. This Best Practices Guide of the B-LAND project will contain good proven, effective and evidence-based examples of entrepreneurial teaching and training as well as personal development. It will focus also special attention on rural areas specifics and motivations