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University of Forestry

The University of Forestry is the only university in Bulgaria providing training of specialists in the field of Forestry, Wood Technology and Furniture Production, Engineering Design of Furniture and Landscape Architecture. The university also provides training of specialists in Ecology and Environmental Protection, Veterinary Medicine, Agronomy, Plant Protection, Business Management and Alternative Tourism. The University is a leading training and research centre in the field of management and sustainable use of natural resources.

The University provides training in the three education and qualification degrees: Bachelor, Master and PhD and is fully accredited by the Bulgarian National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency, ranking among the top ten universities in the country.

The University has six faculties: Faculty of Forestry; Faculty of Forest Industry; Faculty of Ecology and Landscape Architecture; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; Faculty of Agronomy and Faculty of Business Management.

The University also provides customized training courses in specific areas, following the current needs of undergraduates and graduates. In the University of Forestry there is a Centre for Postgraduate Studies where professionals from different economic sectors regularly attend different courses in order to acquire knowledge, skills and qualifications that facilitate their personal development and employability and increase their competitiveness on the European labour market.

The University of Forestry has successfully implemented various scientific and educational projects, co-funded by the EU Framework Programmes, World Bank, COST Programme, Lifelong Learning Programme, Horizon2020, Erasmus+ Programme, etc. The University of Forestry provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills grounded on wide engineering basis and has active collaboration with universities and centres for higher and VET education all over Europe.

The University is in close cooperation with different organisations and companies in the field of studied specialities, where the students have regular practical training and can apply the obtained knowledge and skills into practice.

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